Hi. We're The Master Switch.

We write about the world of A/V (Audio/Visual) gear. We like headphones, amps, home theater systems, speakers, projectors, soundbars, TVs, radios, dogs, coffee and really good bourbon.

Our approach is simple. We believe A/V writing should be awesome. It should be fun, well-written, smart, and give you exactly the right information. We don't believe in bombarding you with pointless stats, super-nerdy breakdowns of different amplifier types, or fetishising audio companies. We don't do sacred cows here, and if a piece of gear isn't up to scratch, we'll let you know about it - and if it's so fantastic it makes us want to peel our clothes off and run naked down the street screaming its praises, we'll let you know that too.

We are passionate, knowledgeable and merciless. We are The Master Switch.

Our History

Searching for reliable information about consumer electronics online should be easy. In reality, a majority of tech sites are a confusing mess of advertisements and dubious tech lingo.

The Master Switch About UsOn a rainy day in 2013, with the vision to change this, Seattle-based editors JP McCarvel and David Wilkinson formed The Master Switch. They wanted to offer easy-to-read buyer’s guides, reviews, and articles across a wide range of consumer electronics categories. Wilkinson also runs the rather awesome Switchback Travel, our sister site.

Some Things We Believe In


No venture capital funding, no trust funds, and we’ve NEVER done a Kickstarter.

Approachable, Jargon-Free A/V. 

We make A/V less confusing, not more so. We don't do shootouts or benchmarking, and you will never see a frequency spectrum on our site unless there's a damn good reason for it. Those things all have their place, and anybody who wants them is welcome to hang out there. Over here? We'll be turning the volume up and handing you a beer. 

High Relevance, Low Noise. 

We don’t do news. We don’t cover rumors. You want a hot take? Get outta here.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All. 

Our buyers guides give a range of options in each category, so you’ll always find an option to fit your wallet. We don't believe that there is a 'best' piece of tech, anymore than we believe there's a 'best' flavor of ice cream*.

*That's a lie, there totally is, it's Haagen Dazs Salted Caramel.

Clean Site Experience. 

Flashing banners, pop-up windows, and pushy email sign-up forms are bad for everyone. We have one ad on each of our pages, far fewer than virtually all other tech sites on the internet, and no annoying email collection boxes or pop-ups. We want to serve you the good shit, and the good shit doesn't come in a pop-up box.

Authentic Writing. 

We're geniuses. OK, we're not really. But we are super, super smart. Well, fine, maybe not super smart. Above average. Definitely better than most people, or at least half...well, one quarter of all people. Alright, you got us, we're not the brightest sparks in the fire, but we do speak from the heart. 

How We Use Photos

Most of our non-product photos come from Flickr. We only use photos that are explicity marked for commercial use under Creative Commons. We always give credit.

If you see your photo on our site, and you aren't happy with it, please get in touch. There's a Contact button on the menubar below.