Putting together a great vinyl setup can be daunting. It's an often-hellish process with multiple pieces of equipment, considerations of tonearm weight and cartridge types, and working out just where the hell you're going to store all your new vinyl. We can't help you on the last one...but we can help with the rest. Our guides to the best turntables, preamps, cartridges and tonearms will help you select a setup that is just right for you. So go ahead: put a record on.

Best Phono Preamps of 2019

If you’re reading this, you are at the very least intrigued about great-sounding vinyl playback. That’s not an easy thing to get right: record players are very much like fine musical instruments, so you need a damn good preamp.

Best Turntables of 2019

Vinyl records are just cool. They deliver music with an elusive and even romantic warmth that audiophiles continue to love.