At TMS, we review a lot of gear. Speakers, headphones, amps, receivers, weird lightbulb thingies that make sound…the whole shebang. And if you want to get your headphones/amp/receiver/ weird lightbulb thingy reviewed here, that’s cool too. We love new gear.

Everything we review gets an in-depth on-site review, and a full video breakdown. Doesn’t matter if it’s a $7,000 amp or a $70 pair of earbuds, everything gets the same love.

How Much Time Does It Take For You To Publish A Review?

Typically, we run a three-month lead time from when we receive the review model. 

We will keep all gear and packaging in pristine condition. We respect our review equipment, and touch wood, we haven’t had a problem yet. 

Do You Keep The Gear?

Usually? No. We typically return after one month, even if the review isn’t immediately published. We’re flexible, though, so let us know if you need something back sooner.

Some companies do let us keep the review gear. Every year, we sell as much excess equipment as we can, and donate the proceeds to the Canadian Civil Liberties Assocation.

Do You Cover Postage/Courier Fees?

Nope - sorry. Indie site, small budget and all.

You’re responsible for any courier fees to our office in Vancouver, BC, both ways, and any taxes or duties. We’ll advise on how to keep these to a minimum when we agree to review something.

I Didn’t Like Your Review! You Were Mean!

Tough. We don’t compromise our opinions. Ever.

I Didn’t Like Your Review! You Got Stuff Wrong!

That’s cool. We’re human, and we screw up. Let us know, and we’ll fix things.

Where's Your Scientific Testing?

Glad you asked.

We don't do that here. While it's immensely valuable, if you know what you're doing and can interpret it, we don't think it makes sense for readers. Saying a pair of headphones has a slight bump at the 5kHz region is interesting...but not actually that useful. 

We test our gear like someone who buys it might: over time, in different circumstances, using different equipment and sources. We spend hours listening to/using our review gear, and by the time we've spent a month with something, we're pretty sure about its good and bad points. We have a standard stable of cans/amps/preamps/DACs/receivers/speakers that we are intimately familiar with, and which we use for baseline testing. That's about as scientific as we get.

My Product Is Sold In North America, But I'm In Europe/Africa/Australia/on Mars

No biggie. Maybe you can send it to our writer in the UK. Either way, get at us, and we’ll make a plan.

I'm Down! What Next?

Drop us a message!

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Review: Monoprice Monolith M1060

How would you like to read a review of the most hyped headphones on the planet? That’s no exaggeration. In the past year, no other pair of headphones has caused as much intrigue...

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Dear Sony marketing department: can we talk? Can we be real for a sec? Thank you. We’re just trying to understand, you see. We want to figure out how your minds work. How do you name something the TA-ZH1ES with a straight face?

Review: Marantz SR7011

Sometimes, you just need to go big. Sometimes, you need to cash in the retirement savings, throw your neighbours’ concerns to the wind, and invest in a sound system that is going to blow your windows off. Step forward, then, the Marantz SR7011...

Review: SVS Prime Elevation

The problem with most modern living spaces is that they’re just not geared up for home theater.  When most people live in an apartment, or a moderately sized house, there’s no such thing as a dedicated media room...

SVS PB16-Ultra Review: Holy Mother Of GOD.

There are some things in life you can’t say no to. Threesomes. That’s a good one. A ride on a private jet. A chance to meet Samuel L. Jackson, courtside seats to a play-off game. The SVS PB16 Ultra is one of those things.

Review: MEE audio Pinnacle P1

Reviewing the MEE audio Pinnacle P1 earbuds is quite a challenge. They are both an almost reference-grade high-end set of monitors...

Review: Benchmark DAC3 HGC

If you like to tinker, if you like to go deep into your equipment, and if you like to have your efforts rewarded, then you are going to want to hear this. It’s spectacular.

Review: SONOS PLAY:3

There are very few speakers that ask you to perform an interpretive dance before you can use them. But the SONOS PLAY:3 boldly delves into this new territory...

Audioengine HD3 Review

It’s hard not to be enamoured with Audioengine. They make some of the most enjoyable speakers available, from the superlative A5+ powered speakers to the thundering S8 subwoofer. And they've really turned heads with the HD3.